Calling all women managers!

Demographic change is confronting businesses with huge challenges: Timely, strategic human resources development is becoming indispensable.

To stay successful in the market and be able long-term to fill management positions with suitable candidates, both male and female, it is becoming more and more important to promote young talented women. Especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, the necessary resources are often lacking.

That is where KWB’s Management Powerhouse comes in with the offer of a trainee program – a comprehensive package that covers both the specialist and the personal dimensions.


It includes the following:


- Workshop 1  “The Role of the Manager” on 21/22 September 2018

- Workshop 2  “Successful Communication for Managers” on 26/27 October 2018

- Workshop 3  “Modern Management Tools” on 23/24 November 2018

- 3x individual business coaching  (by arrangement)

- Expert talks  on current management topics


The Management Powerhouse, which forms part of the program “Securing Specialists: Promoting Continuing Training and Equality”, is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs along with the European Social Fund.

Seize the opportunity and benefit for one final time from exclusive and comprehensive management training!

As a Hamburg@work member you are entitled to a 15% discount on the standard management training fee of EUR 1,299.

Members register directly with Katrin Engelbrecht at Hamburg@work.

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