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Get involved in and profit from Hamburg@work.Ask yourself the question whether you “just” want to receive information about other successful businesses or also want to share such information about your business and expertise.

There are three ways to become part of Hamburg@work:

  • Premium Membership that enables you to contribute actively and implement the network how you see fit, to the benefit of your business .Hamburg@work helps you communicate your business objectives. and therefore increases the visibility of your business in the network.
  • The no-fee Basic Flex Membership that entitles you to selected event invitations and specialist information in addition to regular newsletters, or
  • the free News & More Subscription with news and information to keep up to date with developments in the network.

In all three instances we register you using your e-mail address as your Hamburg@ ID so you will then be able to receive information and invitations (e.g. newsletters, event invitations and custom offers) from Hamburg@work and its partners. 

Become a Premium Member

Download here full information and the application documents required to assess your application for Premium Membership. Complete the documents online, sign them (digitally) and return them to us by e-mail.

We will also be pleased to arrange a face-to-face appointment to discuss your requirements and desire to be part of the network.

To register for the News & More Subscription  and Basic Flexi Membership  (Q4/2018), click Subscribe/Unsubscribe at the foot of this website.

News & More Subscription

With our free News & More Subscription we will keep you posted regularly about offers from Hamburg@work – without you needing to become a member. If you would like to attend a Hamburg@work event as a subscriber , it’s easy to enroll as a participant using the links in the newsletters and obtain a guest ticket.

Pay-per-event: As a subscriber and non-member the full event price is payable conveniently e.g. by credit card. You will be sent your admission ticket by e-mail. Please appreciate that not all events, especially the CXO events, are open to non-members.

For reference: For our  Premium members  admission to the regular events is fundamentally covered by the annual fee.

All we need from you for a News & More Subscription is your e-mail address , which we will save as your Hamburg@work ID . The Hamburg@work ID and subscription are free and can be activated and canceled at any time.

See the foot of this website for registering for the News & More Subscription.

Basic Flex Membership (from Q4/2018)

Basic Flex membership of Hamburg@work is a new option that will be available from the end of 2018.We will have put the necessary system requirements in place by then.

This membership option is called Basic Flex because

  • you the member do not pay any annual fee in advance;
  • instead, you pay flexibly for tickets on an event-by-event basis,
  • enjoy a price saving compared with non-members and
  • can cancel your membership at any time, with immediate effect.

In addition to our newsletters, Basic Flex members are sent targeted invitations to and information on events for professionals .

Pay-per-event: No annual fee is required for membership, you simply pay the ticket price for the event you wish to attend. However compared to newsletter subscribers, Basic Flex members enjoy a price saving of 25 percent compared with the price for non-members.

For reference: For our  Premium members , admission to the regular events is fundamentally covered by the annual fee.

Both Basic Flex Membership and the News & More Subscription can be set up and canceled at the click of a mouse. 

Premium Memberships

With a Premium Membership, you and your company become active contributors to Hamburg@work, increasing the visibility of your business activities in the network.For example, you can submit your own specialist papers, which we share with the network over our communication channels.This enables you to contribute to the network’s thought leadership.

The common USP of all Premium Memberships is that we communicate your business topics and specialist papers over the Hamburg@work channels.Instead of being a ”recipient of news” , become a “sharer of information” to increase the visibility of your business in the network.

As a Premium member you can tag a wide range of different areas of interest.We use your selection to keep you posted with topics and event invitations.As a Premium member, we will also enable you to give a specialist talk at one of our events.

All-inclusive events: A Premium Membership provides you and other employees of your company with an annual pass to Hamburg@work.You are fundamentally eligible to attend events through payment of the annual fee.  All you need do as a Premium member is register; you will then be sent your ticket by e-mail. If the person accompanying you is not one of our members, they will be offered a 50 percent discount compared with non-members.

Together with different numbers of personalized membership cards, we offer the Premium Membership in versions for individuals, start-ups and businesses of all sizes.

Premium Memberships are available for individuals  in the fee bands

  • Premium   Single  (1 membership card | EUR 500.- p.a.)
  • Premium Single Student and Trainee (EUR 25.- p.a.)

and for businesses in the fee bands

  • Premium Start-Up  
    (membership cards for all company founders | progressive fee scale EUR 0.- > 250.- > 500.- > 750.- > 1,000.- p.a. | flexible classification according to company phase: Pre-Seed, Seed, Start-Up, Growth, Expansion)
  • Premium Small  (3 membership cards | EUR 750.- p.a.)
  • Premium Plus Medium  (6 membership cards | EUR 1,500.- p.a.)
  • Premium Plus Large  (10 membership cards | EUR 2,500.- p.a.)
  • Premium Plus X-Large (as agreed individually)

All membership fees are quoted exclusive of VAT. The charge for additional membership cards is EUR 250.- p.a.

Upon joining, our members receive a MemberCard which – subject to registration being confirmed – entitles them to attend events of Hamburg@work. Professionals receive a PRO SilverCard , C-level managers and holders of equivalent positions a CXO GoldCard .  Please see the “Notes” section for the eligibility criteria for a CXO GoldCard.

Our proposition for start-ups

Hamburg@work is first and foremost a network for businesses and entrepreneurs who are already established in the market, in other words for those who have already progressed beyond the first phases in the life-cycle of a business. Such businesses will have normally already been trading for more than five years.

Every successful start-up begins with an innovative idea, a highly motivated team of founders and often meager financial resources. Many company founders are lacking entrepreneurial experience. This is where Hamburg@work comes into its own with its StartUp Club:

Within a network of established businesses, start-ups find answers to many questions that can only be answered by those with sufficient entrepreneurial experience.

Hamburg@work therefore applies the above progressive fee scale to start-ups, to reflect the business development of a young enterprise. Hamburg@work categorizes “its” start-ups according to the four generally recognized development phases of a young enterprise: Pre-Seed, Seed Phase, Start-Up Phase, Emerging Growth and Expansion. For every phase the membership fee is appropriate and affordable.

And the best part of it: All company founders are automatically given the rank of CXO GoldStatus and therefore also invited to the CXO events of Hamburg@work.

Notes on membership options

CXO Status at Hamburg@work is for those individuals filed with a court of registration who are authorized to manage and represent companies, the first management level of a company at C-level, holders of professorial chairs, members of senates and governments, consular and diplomatic representatives, and selected individuals with comparable spheres of responsibility. Members with CXO Status receive a CXO GoldCard as their membership card.

Our   membership options for individuals are aimed at natural persons such as sole traders (non-merchants/ small traders), retailers, the self-employed / self-employed professions, freelancers, private individuals, students and trainees.

Our membership options for businesses are aimed at all legal entities, e.g. limited liability companies, stock corporations, European companies, corporate bodies, public bodies, partnerships, registered associations, foundations and all corporate forms resembling legal entities.

Premium Memberships constitute regular membership within the meaning of the Articles of Association of Hamburg@work (e.V.). Association benefits are not transferable to other individuals or enterprises. Termination of a Premium Membership is normally subject to notice periods that are normally three months to the end of the fee year. 

Premium Plus is the extended option from Hamburg@work for large and very large enterprises. The number of personal membership cards issued is by definition higher than for the other membership forms. In addition, from the end of 2018 we can automatically grant employees of your company who have free Basic Flex membership access to our Premium Plus option based on the domain of their corporate e-mail address. This membership arrangement increases the price discount for Basic Flex members from 25 percent to 50 percent. 

Basic Flex Membership is a no-fee associate membership for natural persons within the meaning of the Articles of Association of Hamburg@work (e.V.). Benefits are not transferable to other individuals.