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Digital cluster

Hamburg@work’s DigitalCluster.Hamburg is the network for a new world from and for businesses in North Germany. We see digitalization not as a technical process but as the trigger of transformation that will bring huge changes for the economy, the state and society.

The digital transformation involves digitalizing and automating core processes, including changing the framework conditions. The most important prerequisite is the readiness to accept essential changes.

A successful digital transformation requires toughening-up:

  • of the management and employees in enterprises,
  • of social systems, especially to foster acceptance within the population,
  • and of state systems, to create the necessary political framework.

Why we need clusters

The pace of technological change in a globalized world necessitates new business models:

  • The merits of a cluster are its ability to handle market fragmentation and forge partnerships that can successfully hold their own against competition.
  • More than ever, cooperation calls for a new quality of dynamism that enables open innovation, internationalization and the formation of strategic alliances.
  • It takes an open culture of innovation, without rigid structures but receptive to new things, to enable innovative business models.

Supporting business

Through its B2B network Hamburg@work’s DigitalCluster.Hamburg supports the digital transformation at businesses.

The common denominator among the member companies of a cluster are:

  • Geographical proximity among the members of the region,
  • Dialogue and cooperation with other member companies and businesses in the network,
  • Bundling of activities by shared themes, experience, problems, goals in the digitalization of core business processes, and finally
  • Attaining sufficient critical mass to compete, including for SMEs.

Philosophy of Hamburg@work

The proposition and philosophy of DigitalCluster.Hamburg revolve around networking people and businesses through information and communication, online as well as at events, in order to keep up with the pace of technological change and enable digital transformation within businesses.

With the aim of generating new business opportunities, networking among businesses in a cluster’s open culture of innovation yields huge benefits for our members:

  • Improved opportunities for sharing, collaboration and leveraging the strengths of every enterprise,
  • Increasing the enterprise’s visibility and strengthening its brand,
  • Improving insight into your own target groups and into market trends,
  • Improving access to decision-makers and multipliers, including in areas of society.