IT Executive Club promoting Hamburg’s IT and digital young bloods:
CIOs & CDOs providing support for schools, studies & training

The IT Executive Club in the digital cluster Hamburg@work has appointed a commissioner for IT and digital young bloods on the Alster and Elbe in the Computer Science graduate Sven Heinsen . On behalf of the association, the experienced IT manager will seek to support children, youths and young adults and teach IT and digital skills. The 49-year-old businessman will oversee the highlight event of the annual “IT Cares Award” of the IT Executive Club.

The goals of this association of Hamburg’s IT decision-makers include sensitizing and qualifying young people with regard to IT and digital skills in everyday life, the particular opportunities for IT professions in the digital world, networking MINT initiatives in the metropolitan region with committed businesses, their IT and digital departments, as well as participating in events to promote young computer scientists.

Sven Heinsen, Commissioner of the IT Executive Club Hamburg , commented: “It is our responsibility to do all in our power to support the many committed and often voluntary initiatives on the Alster and Elbe, offer them a platform and use our combined energy and creativity to steer digital young bloods towards future opportunities.”

Raphael Vaino, Chair of the IT Executive Club Hamburg , added: “The skills shortage in businesses and IT departments is one of the biggest challenges in Hamburg and throughout the metropolitan region. It is a threat to further growth, hindering innovations and undermining our economic future by holding back digitalization.”

The first activities of the IT Executive Club Hamburg to promote children and youths in IT professions are scheduled for the CodeWeek Hamburg from 6 to 21 October of this year. The organizers of the renowned event series expect over 60 workshops and events from more than 40 initiatives, with 1,500 participants in all. The CodeWeek is where young talents can e.g. learn programming and develop apps, design games, learn to solder and build robots.

The first milestone event of the IT Executive Club this year, on 12 January, was the presentation of the new “IT Cares Award” at the New Year Reception of Hamburg@work. This year’s winners of the advancement award worth a total of EUR 7,000 are the Robotics and Technology courses for school students offered by “ robotik@TUHH ”, the hackathon weekends “ Jugend hackt ” (Youth Hacks), the women’s career program “ komm, mach MINT ” (Come & Do MINT) and the informatics platform “ ” of Hamburg’s public universities.