Quick Exercise by elblabs


“Nearly 100% of innovation is inspired by people who are supremely pissed off by the way things are”

Innovations, and especially digital innovations, don’t simply happen, they are made to happen. This process calls for methods that allow innovations – products, features or campaigns – to be tested and evaluated with real users within a matter of days or weeks.

Of the long list of agile methods, Scrum is undoubtedly the best-known. In complete contrast to Lean Startup Sprints (based on the book by Eric Ries) and Design Sprints from Google Ventures, which are not yet a concept to many people.  

The continuing education format ”Quick Exercise” from elblabs GmbH leads you by the hand here!

Based on the innovation booster, a combination of different agile methods, exercises from the design spring & lean start up cosmos are combined in workshops lasting around two hours .

The aim: to solve complex challenges within the allotted time and to prioritize them!

In groups of up to 10 participants, you learn how to make decisions faster … entirely without interminable discussion meetings.

Following on from our Business Breakfast on this subject on 15 May we can now offer Hamburg@work members the following proposal:

If you would like to take part in the Quick Exercise by elblabs, as a member of Hamburg@work you pay just 22€ instead of 44€ per person.